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Arctic Temp 400SM Industrial Ice Machine

Industrial Ice Maker

Arctic Temp industrial ice machines are suitable for multiple industries and farming. These machines are made to be reliable, easy to maintain, and energy and water efficient. Every Arctic -Temp model is built to the highest standard, so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice.

2,000 to 20,000 lbs. Per Day Capacity

We have commercial ice machines for numerous applications. We offer remote air cooled industrial ice machines and self-contained air cooled ice machines that are skid mounted.

Arctic-Temp® brand Ice Machines are renowned for performing reliably for many years in the most challenging and adverse environments. You’ll also grow to appreciate our personal, direct, and dedicated service.

More About Arctic Temp Ice Makers

Making ice commercially needs to be done with great efficiency. Arctic Temp machines produce anywhere from 2K to 20K lbs. of ice daily. In order to produce this quantity of ice, the machines make use of advanced techniques, while being manufactured in the simplest possible way in order to ease maintenance requirements.

Machines are manufactured  to produce ice on evaporators that are suspended vertically. These evaporators have a cylindrical shape and they are double-walled. The entire evaporator surface is utilized, in order to increase the ice-making surface area, so that ice is produced efficiently and rapidly

Call us today to discuss your ice machine needs.  We will need to know how much ice you need a day and location of ice maker, as well as many other details.  Call Whites at 252 661 2700


Industrial Ice Machine 500SM Arctic Temp

The king of industrial ice machine. Do you need to keep a large amount of produce cold longer? Fresh fruit and vegetables fresher? This machine can produce enough ice to keep your poultry from spoiling and slower melting ice on your seafood as a result saving you time and money! You might need an Arctic temp machine!

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Models 400AR & 400SM Industrial Ice Machines
2,000 lbs. of hard cracked ice in 24hrs. (907 Kg.)
Highly efficient Copeland Compressor.
Double-Walled Vertical Tube Evaporators For Maximum Production.
Hot Gas Defrost for rapid harvest and quick recovery.
All Stainless Steel Welded Construction.
No moving parts in the freezing zone.
Harvest Hold (PHC) for definite defrost in varying temperature.
R-404A Refrigerant.
Factory Assembled, Fully Charged & Tested.
USDA Approved.
Please contact us for additional information and specifications on Arctic-Temp Ice Makers.
In certain applications where roof mounting or custom bunker mounting is desired, it may be economical to Skid Mount the highside and lowside components on a common base in order to obtain a Packaged Ice Machine
ALL Packaged Industrial Ice Maker’s are fully assembled and thoroughly tested prior to shipping.